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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why is Electrolux looking for external solutions rather than developing them in-house?

We strongly believe that Open Innovation is a very effective way for Electrolux to identify innovative and cutting edge solutions that have already been developed in the market and to start joint ventures or collaborations to implement these solutions. Open Innovation is a way for us to connect our own R&D team with a global innovation ecosystem and, ultimately, to bring significant value to our shareholders.

2.  Who can join and submit solutions to our Open Innovation challenges?

Electrolux invites individuals, teams, startups, companies, research centres and universities to send their proposals.

3.  What is the Enabler Proposal?

Idea Proposal (Enabler): if your proposal is a Technology, System, Component to be implemented into a product or a processes along the company value chain

4.  What development stage should the proposed solution or innovation be at?

We accept innovations at any development stage: concept, prototype, solutions and technologies that have already been developed or already on the market. 

5.  My innovative proposal is not patented or patent pending. Can I still take part? 

Yes, we also accept proposals not protected by patent. We recommend NOT to disclose any confidential information, but to describe your solution in general terms.

6.  How is my intellectual property protected?

If you have a patent, design or registered trademark you are protected according  to the relevant international law. If you are not protected by a patent, be aware that any information you disclose will be deemed as NON-confidential. Should we be interested in learning more about your innovative solution you will personally be contacted by Electrolux to discuss next steps.

7.  Is Electrolux willing to sign an NDA /NCA (Non Disclosure Agreement / Non Compete Agreement)?

No. At this stage we are interested in non-confidential information that does not require an NDA / NCA. Should we be interested in following up with you to get into the details of your solution we would agree what should be put in place to protect both parties.

8.  What type of collaboration is Electrolux willing to undertake with participants to its Open Innovation challenges?

Electrolux is open to consider partnerships, patent & technology acquisition, licensing, joint R&D, industrial spin-offs,component / OEM supply agreements. If we find your proposal interesting our team will contact you for a follow-up interview where we’ll evaluate possible collaboration opportunities.

9.  What does Electrolux do with the proposals received? 

Receiving a proposal through the online platform does not imply for Electrolux the obligation to develop it or acquire it. Electrolux is free to determine whether or not there is scope for a collaboration opportunity in which case the proponent will be contacted for further discussions.

10.  What happens once I send my proposal?

Upon submitting your proposal from the online portal (powered by our technology partner SkipsoLabs) you will receive a confirmation email. The Electrolux Open Innovation team will then start a detailed evaluation process. Proponents of proposals deemed interesting by the Electrolux team will be contacted personally to schedule follow-up meetings.

11. What are the evaluation criteria?

The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Credibility, know-how and expertise of the participant / team
  • Degree of innovation of the proposed solution
  • Benefit for the customer / end user
  • Development stage and existence of patents

12. Can I ask for a personal meeting with someone from Electrolux to discuss my proposal?

No. Ideas and submissions can only be sent using this online portal. Only if, at the end of our evaluation process, your submission will be considered to be interesting by our team you will be invited to a private meeting with Electrolux. 

13. What are my responsibilities?

Describe clearly what your solution or proposal to our challenge is using the form that you can download from the Toolkit section of the site and then submitting it through the online portal (see next question). Prior to submitting your entry you will have to accept the Electrolux Terms & Conditions. We also ask you not to share or submit any confidential information 

14. How do I submit my entry from the online portal?

To submit your entry from the online portal please follow these steps:

  • Create your account by clicking on the Sign up link in the top right.
  • Click on the confirmation email link to complete your registration process.
  • From the section “Challenges” select the challenge you would like to take part in.
  • Click on the orange “Submit Now” button, you will see a popup window with our Terms & Conditions. Read the terms and accept to access the submission form.
  • Complete all the fields of the submission form and attach the completed application form that you can download from the Toolkit section of the website.
  • Click on Preview and then Submit.
  • You will receive a confirmation email.

15. I am an existing Electrolux supplier. Can I take part?

Yes. If you are an existing Electrolux supplier you can take part in the challenge. In the downloadable application form you will be asked to confirm your supplier status. 

16. Am I allowed to submit more than one proposal?

Yes. You can submit more than one proposal and take part in more than one challenge. 

17. Will Electrolux remunerate me for submitting a proposal?

No. You will not be paid for submitting a proposal to any Open Innovation challenge. Electrolux has no obligation (e.g. acquisition, licensing, development, commercialisation) with participants to the challenge. What Electrolux offers is the opportunity to evaluate different types of agreement, such as partnerships, patent & technology acquisitions, licensing, joint R&D, industrial spin-offs, component / OEM supply agreements.

18. Is there a fee to submit a proposal?

No. Registration to the platform, application and submission are completely free.

19. How will my personal data be used?

Electrolux will use personal data of participants to the challenges to contact them in case there is a an interest in having a follow-up meeting and discussion or for any future communication related to Open Innovation initiatives.

20. What is the meaning of the feedback I have received?

  • Rejected (Company is not interested: reasons will be provided into the comment field)
  • Under evaluation (Company needs more time or more info: details will be provided into the comment field)
  • Passed (Company will contact directly the innovator to discuss the proposal in depth)

21. When can I expect a feedback from the company on the status and value of my idea?

From a minimum of a month to a maximum of 6 months after the submission into the platform