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OI Guidelines

Open Innovation Guidelines

Electrolux is looking for solutions that can create new value for consumers for Home Appliances and Professional Appliances:

1. New value engineering solutions to optimize products design and cost

2. New technical solutions to create new functionalities to differentiate products

3. New concepts for products & services to satisfy consumers

4. New components to be integrated into products or processes

5. New industrial solutions to add new value in the manufacturing areas

6. New methodologies to improve our workflows…

Download here the Enablers form. Once you have completed the form please join one of the open challenges and submit your proposal attaching the completed form.

For each proposal Electrolux requires to share only NON-confidential data (see brief description of Electrolux IP Policy below): further details can be discussed in a successive step in traditional confidential ways.

We will contact you back to discuss together the business potential of your ideas and evaluate how to make them happen in the market. 


Electrolux IP Policy

1. For each proposal Electrolux requires to share only NON-confidential data: further details can be discussed in a successive step in confidential way.

2. Electrolux policy is to consider unsolicited ideas only when the idea is subject to an issued patent or registered design, or a published patent or design application, or otherwise is publicly available. We would be pleased to review your idea, provided that it fulfils these criteria.

3. If your idea is subject to an issued patent, registered design or published patent or design application, please inform of the relevant publication/registration number, and we will obtain copies public data from the relevant patent office. We will contact you after this check, to define together potential next steps.

4. If you have not filed any application, or you hold an application that will be published at a later stage, we will check with IP Group how to manage properly the discussion.


What is Electrolux Looking For

Electrolux is open to evaluate different types of agreement:

1. Patent acquisition or Patent licensing

2. R&D collaboration

3. Brand licensing

4. Component Supply agreement

5. OEM Supply agreement

6. Other business partnerships

…to build innovation together…